Tomatoes 2013

The harvest begins …

It’s awful late in the year for me to start harvesting, but I got a late start. This has been a decent season so far, although I had a bit of a problem with rats attacking the San Marzano tomatoes this week. How do I know it was rats? Because no other animal would be so disrespectful as to take a dime-sized bite out of 10 fruits, instead of just eating a whole one. I’d be happy to share with them if they were more reasonable, but honestly, I’m feeling like they really aren’t respecting my boundaries. I also had […] Read more »


Whew … that was a close one

This has been a weird season for me so far, in part because I’ve had to question everything I thought I knew. Rather, I’ve been asking, “Am I actually good at growing tomatoes, or what I just good at growing tomatoes at THAT house in THAT microclimate?” This is the first year growing in a new house, so I expected some changes, but losing all my seedlings was not one of them. Or, to be totally accurate, almost losing all my seedlings. They survived, thank goodness, and I repotted them all last weekend, moved them to a new area, and […] Read more »

Blossom End Rot

Blossom End Rot: Planning Ahead

Morning! While I’m waiting for my seeds to arrive, I thought I’d do a series of articles on planning and prepping for your tomato garden this year. I can’t promise any particular publishing schedule, but I’ll do my best to keep things moving along. First up is blossom end rot. If you’ve been growing tomatoes for a while, you might have run into this issue. Blossom end rot is characterized by a soft, rotten patch on the blossom end of the tomato. It destroys the fruit. Although there are number of possible causes of BER, the most common is a […] Read more »


I was in a grocery store tonight, looking at the tomatoes and reflecting that the quality of grocery store tomatoes has definitely improved over the last few years. Both Ugli Ripe and Tasti-Lee are serviceable to good tomatoes. Sometimes they even smell like a tomato, which is a sure sign of a decent piece of fruit. But clearly such quality comes with a price: at the checkout line, I was staggered to learn that the medium-sized red tomato we needed for our guacamole was $1.50. For one tomato. One of the knocks against growing your own vegetables is that it’s […] Read more »


Is it time again? For real?

Hello, Tomato People! So … for those of you who’ve been writing me and dropping by, wondering if the blog is going to fire back up, the answer is YES. Just in brief, we moved smack in the middle of last winter, so I didn’t plant last year for the first time in a decade. It seriously sucked, and by the way, I wouldn’t wish moving on my worst enemy. I plan on never doing it again, so they’re going to have to wheel me out of this house and leave all our stuff behind. But the good news (don’t […] Read more »

I’m back (Finally)

So a few things … First, if you’ve stopped by over the past few months, you no doubt noticed that the site has been down for a while. I had some kind of fatal code error, a description of which would be sort of pointless since I barely understand it anyway and if you understand it, then you should have helped me (kidding). It had something to do with caches and databases and user roles and other Internet-related gobbledygook. In the end, after trying to fix it myself for a long time, I finally sent the site to India, where […] Read more »