Tomato Seedlings

Growing tomato seedlings
is the best way to guarantee
you'll get healthy plants,
with the added bonus of growing
anything you want.


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Iguanas Ate My Tomatoes

Newly planted Brandywines before they were attacked by iguanas and burned by Iguana Rid. When I have the heart, I'll post the "after" photos. So Tomato People, I know it's been a few years and I've been wildly inconsistent with posting and even growing. This year, however, things will be different. In fact, I'm into the season already, [...]

The harvest begins …

It's awful late in the year for me to start harvesting, but I got a late start. This has been a decent season so far, although I had a bit of a problem with rats attacking the San Marzano tomatoes this week. How do I know it was rats? Because no other animal would be so disrespectful as to take [...]

Whew … that was a close one

This has been a weird season for me so far, in part because I've had to question everything I thought I knew. Rather, I've been asking, "Am I actually good at growing tomatoes, or what I just good at growing tomatoes at THAT house in THAT microclimate?" This is the first year growing in a new house, so I expected [...]